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Novus terra is a core value in my life

And the hustle had to move on as usual we hard to push on harder with my mates again to find a life in that industry but it seemed not to work out close to what we had in expectations Thing is the industry couldn’t produce any results for us who put in time but for those we called our bosses. We had to invest in a lot of time and energy to receive even nothing but lunch not even get something   house our supper We had nothing as an achievement we could lift those speakers and make sure we arrange everything ready for the show before the show starts and when the show starts we were the same persons to do the performance ,perform upto around   1 in the morning for an incredible audience and surely our bosses got certified to the fact tha we could leave the audience pleased and all in applause but either fortunately or unfortunately our sweat was all proved futile because I remember it was around 2013 but the payment I could receive was around 4000 ugx currently close to   $1.15

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